As Festival season rolls around, its time to elevate your summer look with some sustainable jewellery.  Festivals are a celebration of music, joy and freedom and here at AC we enjoy a good party as much as the next person, and what better way to express your celebratory spirit than through your accessories?

We plan to take matters into our own hands with a round up of fabulous British festivals on offer this summertime, and what you will need to make sure you arrive in true Astley Clarke style.


When you think of music festivals, there’s one name that stands above the rest: Glastonbury. Here at AC we don’t see this iconic festival as just an event; It’s a cultural phenomenon which perfectly encapsulates the jewellery scene. It’s a place where jewellery is not just an accessory, but a reflection of the festivals creativeness and inclusivity which we believe is essential for personal expression. Our personalised jewellery options allow customers to create bespoke pieces that hold special meaning, pieces like our engravable Deco Black Onyx locket necklace offers a distinctive touch to any festival attire mean you can elevate your outfit while attending; and also have a special keepsake with pictures from the weekend to carry with you at all times. 


The festival's location in Cornwall, surrounded by beautiful beaches provides an inspiring backdrop that compliments the ethos of sustainable jewellery and recycled metals. With sustainability and ethically sourced jewellery becoming a larger concern, Astley Clarke offers a piece out there for every conscious festival-goer. Layering with our responsibly sourced gold necklaces including our gold biography mini locket necklace along with our gold biography mini evil eye pendant necklace allows for versatility in styling which we believe is essential to a festival outfit. The combination of both our delicate and chunky chain necklaces, specifically our gold celestial single pearl necklace along with the gold biography white pearl pendant necklace inspires a unique look and provides a personal touch to your festival attire.


Festivals are memorable events that allow people to showcase their unique styles and personalities which we believe can be elevated through jewellery. Festivals like the Isle of Wight often celebrate eclectic fashion choices; stacking delicate jewellery, particularly our Biography skinny (adjustable) bracelets, gold aurora station bracelet along with our gold luna light bracelet can add depth to an outfit which is essential to stand out in a crowd and contribute to a more balanced overall appearance. To complete your summer jewellery look stacks of smaller stud earrings along with incorporating a mixture of gold and silver which can be found in our AC Aurora collection can add a personalised touch to your look, vital for an accessory to provide for the season.

Here at AC we’re convinced jewellery is essential for any festival due to it’s ability to elevate and personalise any festival outfits with elegance and flair. Whether it’s the sustainably sourced materials, the array of designs that suit various styles, or the meaningful gemstones that resonate with individual stories, Astley Clarke pieces can add a touch of uniqueness to your festival attire. Embracing Astley Clarke jewellery ensures that each festival experience is adorned with beauty and significance, making it an indispensable part of the festival wardrobe.