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September’s nearly over and it’s your last chance buy our Rainbow Cosmos Biography bracelet with 30% of its sale price going to LGBT charity London Friend.

It’s a purchase with a purpose!

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With their kaleidoscope of unique semi-precious gemstones set against warm gold vermeil our Rainbow Cosmos bracelets do look fabulous on their own, but how about pairing them?

Here’s our guide to styling your Rainbow Biography bracelet for that effortless everyday luxury.


Look 1: Make a statement with a matching ring and bracelet from our Stilla collection.

Our Stilla collection is available in a rainbow of colourful gemstones that will perfectly complement your Rainbow Cosmos Biography bracelet.

Pair with: Make a statement with fiery red Garnet or play it cool with ocean blue Amazonite…the choice is yours.

Style it: Accentuate your colourful stacks with crisp white linen and let the gemstones do the talking.


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Look 2: Choose your favourite contrasting stone colours and compile a stack that matches your unique style.

Our range of Biography bracelets showcase a variety of semi-precious stones to compliment and contrast with your Rainbow Cosmos bracelet depending on your mood. 

Pair with: Neutral Rainbow Moonstone and complimentary Labradorite are the perfect companion gemstones to enhance your Rainbow bracelet. Both gemstones exhibit the schiller effect, an effect that occurs when light scintillates in different ways due to the internal crystalline structures of the stones. This creates a subtle glow of pale blue and lilac hues when the stone catches the light.

Style it: Keep it neutral and pair with tailored nude tones and form-fitting stone coloured silhouettes for maximum impact.


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Look 3: Add a touch of gold for an element of luxury to your carefully curated selection of bracelets. Experiment with different textures and bracelet thicknesses to complement your choice of gemstones.

Pair with: Our Celestial Orbit bracelet is our unique take on the chunky chain jewellery trend that will add an element of edge to your stack, whilst maintaining that timeless classic aesthetic. 

Style it: There is no better pairing than black and gold…showcase stacks of gold chains with a classic LBD and enhance your look with subtle hints of colourful gemstones.


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Look 4: Bracelet stacking not your thing? Not to worry, there are other ways to wear a rainbow.

If one bracelet is enough, why not compliment your Rainbow Cosmos Bracelet with one of our gemstone signet rings from our bestselling Deco collection. 

Pair with: Pick your favourite gemstone colour, from Azul Blue Agate to Sophisticated Black Spinel and wear as a solo piece or throw caution to the wind and wear multiple gemstone signets for a trendsetting colour blocking statement. 

Style it: Our gemstone signets look great with classic silhouettes and tailored ensembles; wear with a sharp black blazer to enhance the geometric forms of our Deco collection and showcase the vibrant hues of the stones.


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At the end of the day, it’s not how you wear your Rainbow Biography bracelet that matters but what it means.

It’s a reminder you decided to share the love.

However, if you are struggling to choose a companion for your new bracelet, come visit our new Astley Clarke store on October 1 for a complementary IRL styling session.