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Cosmic Jewellery

Cosmic Jewellery

Conceptualised from a fascination with the natural world, these pieces are inspired by astronomical imagery. Explore the Interstellar, Rising Sun and Cosmos jewellery collections that incorporate celestial designs, as well as Biography pieces, Zodiac pendants and symbols of the Earth, sun, moon and stars.


The Celestial, night sky often sparks wonder and inspiration here at Astley Clarke, and never has this rung truer than with our Comet, Zodiac, Interstellar and Rising Sun collections. Ready to bring universal appeal to your jewellery box through solid gold, diamonds and symbols, you’ll be looking to the stars when it comes to your next jewellery addition. Capturing the radiant beauty of the natural world, featured are sun pendant necklaces and drop earrings in pavé diamond settings, as well as a gold locket, and pendant version of our Earth recess engraving, designed in partnership with World Land Trust. 10% of all sales towards this fine jewellery piece will go towards environmental and rainforest conservation projects. For a personalised birthday gift, our zodiac gold coin pendants can also be engraved to the back. Fall in love with our cosmic-inspired jewellery today with free global delivery and free returns for the UK, USA and Europe.