December Birthstone

December Birthstone
Birthstones can trace their origins back to the fifth century when scholars connected the twelve gems of the breastplate of priest Aaron, the twelve months of the year, and twelve signs of the zodiac.

Each stone is thought to have been chosen to chime with the personality traits of the star sign connected with it. This is December and turquoise’s turn to seduce stormy Sagittarius.

turquoise bracelet with charmturquoise bracelet with charm
gold and diamond stud wrap around earringgold and diamond stud wrap around earring
turquoise droplet necklaceturquoise droplet necklace

What is the December birthstone?

Bringing solace and a remembrance of beach holidays past as the Earth travels towards its shortest day is turquoise. With its gorgeous aquamarine colour, it is a tonic for the spirit. And that’s not just because of its colour.

December birthstone meanings

Turquoise is associated with your throat chakra, which is linked to communication and feeling heard, both of which are linked to our self-worth. Turquoise is also connected to your emotional and mental well-being. As a healing stone it brings peace and serenity, like stepping into cool waters on a hot day. Like those waters, turquoise asks you to look below surfaces, to find out what is and isn’t working in your life, it encourages communication with your inner self as well as others. This is especially good for those born under Sagittarius’s bow and arrow. Sagittarians are full of energy and like to live a full life at breakneck pace. However, sometimes that energy can be too much, turquoise can help bring calmness, balancing out the maelstrom.

turquoise earring dropturquoise earring drop
turquoise droplet ankletturquoise droplet anklet
turquoise earring stackturquoise earring stack

December birthstone colours

Turquoise can vary from powder-blue celeste through green-inflected aquamarine to darker shades. At Astley Clarke, our designs are made from responsibly sourced turquoise in a gorgeous aquamarine hue, which we like to pair with yellow gold vermeil. It’s like wearing an Aegean beach on your wrist.

turquoise bracelet stackturquoise bracelet stack

December birthstone jewellery

Tiny turquoise studs will add a pop of colour to any stack or you could opt for a spiritual supercharge and choose a bracelet, which combines the protection of the evil eye with the tranquillity of turquoise. You can find all our beautiful turquoise designs here.

turquoise jewellery collectionturquoise jewellery collection