How To Style: Gold Rings

How To Style: Gold Rings
An outfit is always in need of some gold treasures, and in particular, a handful of well-
placed gold rings – because let’s be honest, one is never enough.
That’s why we’re here to inspire your stacking styles and ring rotations, so you can bring sun-soaked,
luxury layers to your summer wardrobe. These collectible gems have the power to enhance even
the simplest of outfits, and with a wealth of ring designs available, you can choose from signet ring
statements, glamorous cocktail designs, skinny stackers, or beautiful bands, and have them either
dripping in diamonds, embellished with gemstones or stripped-back for ultimate golden grandeur.
Invest in your jewellery collection with gold rings that invite endless styling combinations and mood-
enhancing ensembles.


First up, a balance between two or three styles: the statement, the stacker and the in-betweener, all on one finger (and that’s in no particular order by the way).

If you’re looking to stack less, try pairing a statement with a stacker, like our Celestial Astra Ring and Celestial Astra Eternity Ring. Both set with stunning white sapphires, these designs reflect a starry night sky and shine brighter together. If you’re looking to stack more, add an in-betweener like our Beaded, Aubar or Disc Stilla gold rings for even more texture.

Outfit tip: match a clothing item with the enamel on your ring - a charmingly subtle way to tie your look together.

gold ring stackgold ring stack
ring stack with signet ringring stack with signet ring


Looking for more impact? Maximise your selection with a higher number of rings showcasing a range of colour, style, and texture combinations - the bigger the clash, the bigger the impact. 

Create contrast with chunky signet styles and delicate bands across both hands, even at different lengths along your fingers. We recommend starting with the hero piece; let this guide you visually as the focal point while you build up the rest of your stack. Then, decide whether you’re focusing on a sideways stack or vertical arrangements.

Don’t forget to make it personal. With our engraving service, you can personalise your Biography Signet Ring to show a set of initials, name or date in a choice of three fonts.


Relaxed and opulent all at once, this is easy stacking that sparkles at every turn. Our best-selling Interstellar and Flash rings are gloriously encrusted with diamonds, set in close formations for maximum impact and light reflection. Learn to layer these charmers, and no outfit will ever be the same again. 

First, choose your statements (maximum 3), and build your stack from there. Next, add your bands in and around your statements. Finish with one or two unique designs to create a handful of glittering lines, lavished with luxurious details.

Outfit tip: either go full glam and do the same sparkle stack around your neck and your wrist, or let your fingers do all the talking and keep your outfit simple, with sleek tailoring or classic denim.

gold diamond ring stackgold diamond ring stack
blue agate deco ring stackblue agate deco ring stack


Looking for more than a pop of colour? Make a statement with vivid colours, striking gemstones, and geometric shapes – the ideal way to inject some drama into your ring stack.

Either mix and match our Art Deco hexagonal gemstone rings for maximum impact or choose a theme and build your colour story from there. Here, we followed the sounds of the azure seas with faceted blue agate stones designed to always catch the light and give you a blast of high energy.

There are no rules with this look. Just be brave, be bold, and these beautiful designs will do the rest.


There’s nothing more satisfying than sliding stunning jewels onto fresh manicured fingers. Plan your next nail look around your ring collection and watch how they seamlessly interact with one another. For our Pearl Yves Ring, an everyday essential offering balance and modernity, opt for natural yet glossy, smooth nails to compliment the bright surface reflections of a perfect pearl. This unique open ring silhouette can be worn alone or paired with a few gold stackers for elevated luxury.

Or why not replicate our signature styles with the hottest new nail trend: cuticle striping. This skinny stripe, hugging the curve of the cuticle, is the perfect way to subtly match your colour, gemstone, or metal ring choices. The results are so dreamy that your nail-selfie will come easy.

beaded and pearl ring with nail artbeaded and pearl ring with nail art
circulus mother of pearl signet ringcirculus mother of pearl signet ring


Not just any ring, but the ring.

The sartorial signet ring trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Whether it’s our best-selling Biography Signet Ring customised with a personalised and sentimental motif, or a more sparkly, stone-set signet from our Polaris and Circulus collections, these Baroque beauties are bound to make a statement (that’s why they’re able to fly solo). No doubt these magical masterpieces are destined for heirloom status and deserve to have their own spotlight.

All that’s left to answer: which signet ring speaks to you the most?


Our gold rings, designed for women by women, are available in a range of sizes. Discover our fail-safe guide here to find your ring size from the comfort of your home.  

Sizing (tick), new ring stack (tick), there’s only one thing left to do: clean with care. As with all fine things in life, you should take care to protect your jewellery. 

How to clean gold rings? Wash your jewellery in warm soapy water, using your fingers or a soft brush to remove any dirt. Once dry, we recommend using a jewellery polishing cloth. Your rings will be restored back to their shiny self in no time. 

halo gold diamond ringhalo gold diamond ring

Looking for more style tips or more cleaning advice? DM us on Instagram to chat with a member of our AC team. Or share your ring stack creations with us using the hashtag #ACStyle.