In this together: AC's Head of Creative talks the adventures of being a mother

In this together: AC's Head of Creative talks the adventures of being a mother
Katie is Astley Clarke’s Head of Creative, which means she oversees how everything looks from the jewellery to the website. She also manages to find time to be a mother to Jonah. 


Astley Clarke: What does motherhood mean to you?

Katie: Overwhelming love - it’s a love so huge, you could burst. 


Astley Clarke: What have been your favourite moments of motherhood and your least? 

Katie: I suffered with postnatal depression, coming out of that and falling in love with my son was the best time. We are very silly and playful together, so there are a lot of laughs. We put on shows – everything from what can only be described as experimental dance to live music. Although even the live music is very experimental! 

The poonamis are probably my least favourite moments. Particularly the one when I had him in a baby carrier and he exploded in an art shop all over me and the floor. The women who ran the store were incredibly kind – apparently, poonamis are more common than you think. Now, it is more a case of standing on Lego. That is incredibly painful and something I do not enjoy!



Astley Clarke: Tell me about one of your fondest memories with Jonah.

Katie: There are a lot! Little people are such fun, curious characters. When he was two, we popped into the local corner shop – he sneaked a chocolate into his welly! He could never say chocolate, it always came out as "dog-dick." Their first words and pronunciations are always hilarious. Cucumber was another – he would say “cu-cum-bum”. There are, of course, the ‘first moments.’ The first smile. The moment he uttered “mama,” walking, his first day at nursery and then at school. I am so lucky that I have been able to capture these moments and have them in a locket.


Astley Clarke: What were your most precious or memorable years?

Katie: The year he was born. It was both the most memorable and the most precious. It is amazing how they develop personalities so quickly.


Astley Clarke: If you could describe motherhood in three words, what would they be?

Katie: Poo, puke, pee. But that could just be my little one. For me, curiosity, amazement and of course, love.



Astley Clarke: Why did you choose the lockets?

Katie: Because the Medium Biography has space for two pictures. I have a photo of Jonah on one side and then of us together as a family on the other - it is perfect. Plus, I love that when I pop into the store, I can update the images. I always keep the older ones of course. They’re forever treasured.


Astley Clarke: What engraving did you put in the back of yours? 

Katie: All we have is now.




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