July's Birthstone - ONYX

July's Birthstone - ONYX
As the year draws to a close and the winter chill sets in, December brings with it a sense of introspection and renewal. Among the myriad of gemstones associated with this month, Black Onyx stands out with it’s deeply enigmatic allure, which captivates with it’s sleek and polished surface; carrying a rich history and a wealth of symbolism. Learn more about the significance of this gemstone in various cultures and the legends that surround it.


Universally, from ancient times to now, cultures have valued Onyx as luxuriously special. Onyx’s history dates back to ancient civilisations, where it was highly valued and widely used; often forged into an amulet thought to protect the wearer from evil. Onyx was associated with courage and protection in battle, and roman soldiers often carried amulets made from this stone. This semi precious stone was also interlinked with spirituality throughout the Middle Ages where it was believed to provide protection from negative energy along with promoting grounding and stability. At Astley Clarke, we’re all about about good energy, and we know you are too.


The formation of Onyx is a testament to the intricate and slow processes of nature.
The remarkable journey from volcanic cavities to stunning gemstone highlights the
beauty and complexity of the natural world. Whilst the birthstone jewellery is not
typically evaluated strictly by carat weight, larger higher quality stones can be rarer
and therefore more valuable, however this is more often influenced by it’s aesthetic
qualities and the skill involved in it’s cutting and setting opposed to just it’s size.

Ruby Close UpRuby Close Up


Onyx is a standout gem, that’s why we’ve paired this stone with 14 carat solid yellow gold and even mother of pearl. From rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, we’re proud to say that our precious gemstones are also ethically and responsibly sourced.  Whether your looking for a more subtle way to empower your outfit or searching for a new staple within your jewellery collection, our black onyx gemstone styles serve to elevate your everyday. The timeless appeal of these pieces, designed to transcend generations along with its versatility in various settings provides the aesthetic appeal we look for in every one of our pieces! Our favourite? The engravable gold deco black onyx pear locket necklace paired with one of our classic gold aurora station necklaces, both of which act as the perfect layering pieces.

July Birthstone - Ruby NecklaceJuly Birthstone - Ruby Necklace
July Birthstone - Ruby BraceletJuly Birthstone - Ruby Bracelet

Onyx is the perfect precious stone to celebrate moments of personal growth or inner strength, making it the perfect gemstone for special occasions. Wearing Onyx jewellery durning a graduation, a promotion, or a personal achievement can symbolise the wearers resilience and determination to succeed, making this gemstone the perfect gift.