Whether or not you’re someone who subscribes to the idea of a capsule wardrobe, we think a  jewellery capsule wardrobe makes a whole lot of sense. Building a jewellery capsule wardrobe is different for everyone - but essentially it’s all about having a collection of pieces that work with everything, every day and bring you joy. So, here’s why you need one, along with the 6 basic pieces you need to create your capsule jewellery collection.

Why do I need a jewellery capsule wardrobe?

It makes your life easier

Most days, we just want to get out the door looking presentable. A jewellery capsule means you know exactly what basics your everyday jewellery ‘uniform’ consists of - so you can get dressed easily and still look amazing. Mini hoop earrings, a gold chain, a couple of stacking rings et voila! No more ‘I forgot to wear jewellery’ moments on your way to the office or your next Zoom call. Oh, and we firmly believe in mixing metals, so don’t worry about only sticking to one when it comes to your capsule collection.

It pulls together your looks

A jewellery capsule wardrobe is by no means exclusively for people who subscribe to the idea of a capsule wardrobe of clothes. In fact, if you’re someone with a lot of clothes and eclectic taste, a capsule jewellery collection can really tie your style together and create a common thread. It’s basically impossible to feel anything less than put together when you’re wearing a curated edit of sophisticated, stylish pieces that look like you’ve spent a lot of time thinking them through (and no one needs to know you didn’t). Equally, if you’re a minimalist who loves the idea of having a streamlined collection of goes-with-everything jewellery, the jewellery capsule wardrobe is definitely for you.

It helps you decide what to invest in

This one is a biggie. We’ve all been there - splashing out on a piece we love but don’t actually wear that much. Having a jewellery capsule wardrobe means working out what pieces you will wear on repeat and therefore which pieces are worth investing in (and which aren’t). 

6 pieces you need in your jewellery capsule wardrobe

Everyone is different, but the foundations of your capsule are the same - the jewellery equivalents of the classic trench coat or perfect white tee. Here are the 6 pieces you’ll need to create your jewellery capsule wardrobe.


1. A great gold chain
For some, this will be a chunky gold chain like our Celestial Square Link Necklace. For others, it might be a slinky snake chain or T-Bar. Whatever your chain vibe, this necklace elevates any look, day or night, from a simple shirt to an LBD. 


2. A locket or pendant necklace
Everyday basics can still be meaningful - and a classic locket or personalised pendant is a lovely way to make yours unique. Whether you go gemstone, mini or Polaris-themed with your locket, they look great layered with your capsule gold chain (above) or worn alone for a different look. If you like a subtle look, our fine Biography chains can be adorned with personal charms on our Online Charm Builder, from initials to good luck talismans.


3. Everyday hoops
Otherwise known as: the kind of hoops you never want to take off. Go classic tiny with a hint of Polaris Star detail. Or for a subtle drop style that still goes with everything - a charm Huggie hoop like our Polaris or Compass definitely has a place in your capsule.


4. Occasion hoops
For the days you need a little bit extra - our Large Linia Hoops are a classic. Or if you’re feeling a seventies vibe, we love the Polaris Front-Facing Hoops which are simple but still make a statement.


5. Stacking rings
This is always fun. Start with an everyday base with a couple of eternity rings and if you’re someone who likes to wear a lot of rings, build up from there. Don’t be afraid to introduce some colour here with enamel rings and gemstones - it’s a great way to add some zing into your look with zero effort.

6. Friendship Bracelet

It wouldn’t be an AC capsule without a gemstone friendship bracelet. Sophisticated and personal, we love how meaningful these double-strand bracelets are, plus, they look just as good with a blazer as they do with gym leggings. Win win. Whether you go for a good luck talisman like our Lapis Evil Eye or a less-is-more approach with a chic White Agate style or our classic Kula friendship bracelet.

Occasion pieces to add to your capsule

Once you’ve got your basics down, start to think about the occasions that come up every year when you need a little something extra. Holidays, weddings or just Friday night drinks sometimes require a colourful necklace or a statement ring. The below 3 pieces make lovely treats or gifts (don’t be afraid to drop hints to loved ones) to supplement your core capsule wardrobe. You may even find they sneak their way into your everyday jewellery line-up…

1. Colourful choker

You’re in holiday mode and you want something that feels a bit special to pair with your new bikini and sandals. Enter: the colourful holiday choker. A short length feels fresh and summery, plus it won’t get in the way of beach adventures. Our Biography Pearl Necklace combines pearls with ocean and sunset-hue gemstones or our Rainbow Enamel is dainty but bright. Bracelets more your thing? Try the Pearl Biography Bracelet with a dreamy blue Apatite gemstone nestled amongst iridescent pearls.

2. Statement earrings

You’re wearing your hair up and want to jazz up that plain white shirt for drinks after work. You need a statement earring. These are different for everyone - whether you’re into colour, Diamonds or an oversized silhouette. For a pop of colour try our enamel and gemstone Flare Drop Earrings or the Ottima Gemstone Slice which come in a spectrum of shades. For some classic shimmer, try these Pearl Drop Earrings.

3. Cocktail ring

What is easier than slipping on a ring to elevate that dress from summer BBQ to wedding guest? The colourful Emerald cut of this Flare Ring is lots of fun or for a more classic look, a statement signet like this Mother of Pearl beauty is a winner.

Ready to start building your jewellery capsule wardrobe? We’re right there with you, and if you have any questions on any of our pieces, don’t hesitate to drop us a note on