How To Style: Gold Lockets

How To Style: Gold Lockets
If you're looking for necklace layering inspiration with more profound significance, you've come to the right place.
Gold Lockets have always been an Astley Clarke signature with all our collections featuring one of these designs. Available in a variety of sizes and decorated with meaningful motifs, gemstone slices and diamonds, our personalised locket necklaces look even more beautiful when engraved with a lasting sentiment or encompassing a personal photo.

In line with nostalgic jewellery trends, our gold locket necklaces are revived interpretations of vintage-inspired treasures. From 18-carat gold vermeil to 14-carat solid gold, each design retains a sense of character and allure that feels rare, holding memories to last a lifetime.

Lockets are designed to be worn close to your heart, but it doesn’t have to stop there. That’s why we’re here to inspire your locket layering and show you the many ways in which these meaningful treasures can be styled.


Before we inspire your layering techniques, it goes without saying that some of our gold lockets are beautiful enough to stand alone. Available in three mesmerising gemstones: Abalone, Mother of Pearl and Black Onyx, our first design under the spotlight is the Large Polaris Locket for its incredibly eye-catching design and North Star influence.

This powerful piece is not only a symbol of guidance amongst the chaos, but with our added photo personalisation service, it’s a reminder that although loved ones may not be near, they are always under the same sky.

Don’t forget: this design also translates to a Polaris Pendant Necklace and Polaris Compass Bracelet. The full set is how we’re styling this one.

polaris abalone collectionpolaris abalone collection
two gold locket stackstwo gold locket stacks


They say love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies, which couldn’t be more fitting for the choker and the locket.

Why is this a popular layering technique? Well, playing with different necklace lengths creates a luxury layering effect, a look that we can’t stop loving. As well as length experimentation, try a chunkier choker with your locket. Mixing chunky and skinny chains adds texture yet balances out the heavier locket charm.

Outfit tip: whether it’s your favourite LBD or an open casual shirt, explore how a v-shape neckline can create the perfect canvas for your choker and locket look.


Ready to take it to the next level? Add the perfect pendant or second locket to your neckline layering.

From intricate micro diamonds to colour pop gemstone designs, your in-between necklace is perfectly positioned to serve your shorter choker and longer locket. It’s there to work instantaneously with your layered theme. Here, we’ve continued to follow the North Star, where the Polaris Locket in Mother of Pearl and white Sapphire shines as the focal point, followed by the classic Mini Biography Locket necklace.

There really are no rules; it’s about experimenting and finding the look you love. But if you’re ever in doubt, either start with picking your shortest chain or your longest pendant first, then build upwards or downwards from there.

triple locket stacktriple locket stack
large locket necklace stacklarge locket necklace stack


The name may not be appealing but the look certainly is (and it’s easy!). Simply choose 4+ necklaces of different lengths and weight and let the layering game begin. Play with different proportions, clashing styles and diverse textures. And most importantly, have fun with it!

To create a #Neckmess for your beloved locket, all you need to do is build upwards. Let the locket be your golden girl and create a jumble of jewels that flawlessly flatter her.

Mix statement chains with more delicate pieces (like our Celestial Orbit Chain Necklace and Moonstone Droplet Necklace), add a splash of colour with gorgeous gemstones (like our Deco Slice Amazonite Locket) and balance both textured and smooth surfaces (like our Polaris Black Onyx Locket and Mini Biography Locket). The possibilities are endless with no wrong outcome.


As you can probably tell, we love creating colour stories with an exclusive collection of precious and semi-precious gemstones. Each gemstone radiates mood-enhancing colours and powerful significance, it’s no wonder why they’re so popular to wear (and layer).

To create a harmonious look with similar tones, choose your outfit theme first, then match your gemstone lockets. Wear a lot of blue? Choose Amazonite, Lapis Lazuli or Blue Agate. Wear a lot of green? Choose Malachite. Wear both? Choose the artistic swifts and swirls of Abalone. Neutral tones for Mother of Pearl, black for Black Spinel and Black Onyx, red for Red Agate, and of course, Diamond for all the above.

Note: this isn’t set in stone, colour clashing works too. But one thing’s for sure, your chosen gemstones are there to serve your outfit (or maybe your eye colour).

locket stack with focus on green gemstonelocket stack with focus on green gemstone
icon diamond locketicon diamond locket


 Doubling up on diamonds takes your look to new layers of luxury, and our favourite diamond duo must be the Icon Diamond Locket available in two different sizes.

Featuring gloriously encrusted circles of light grey diamonds set in a 14-carat gold disc, these show-stopper heirlooms are designed for holding your most precious memories and keepsakes.

The adjustable chains with three alternate lengths allow for easy layering at its finest, and our do-good diamonds are natural, conflict-free and ethically sourced. Whether you’re wanting to sparkle and shine in gold, rose gold or a mix of both, why not explore ways of making more impact by pairing your iconic locket/s with a matching set of earrings and rings.


Rose gold is all about adding a touch of femininity and romance to your look; nothing radiates love quite like it. That’s why we often see messages of love enclosed within rose gold lockets.

You might be an original rose gold wearer, or perhaps you’re ready to try this unique gold tone? Either way, there are two options to consider when it comes to layering. The first option is to fully commit to the warm blush accents of rose gold for your next jewellery look. The second option is to mix your metals by adding the sun-soaked hues of gold and gentle shimmer of silver. It’s all about creating a jewellery experience that’s unique to you.

Tip: if you have a cool skin tone (like fair skin with red undertones), rose gold might further enhance the pink tones of your skin.

rose gold locket stackrose gold locket stack
personalisation guide for locketspersonalisation guide for lockets


Time to make it yours. We’ve spent 10 years perfecting our locket designs – refining every detail from the shape to the ease of customisation. This is all so you can personalise your piece in minutes, for which the possibilities are endless.

Our free engraving service takes seconds and lasts a lifetime. Customising your favourite locket couldn’t be simpler. Add your engraving and/or photograph to your order and we’ll take care of the rest.

For engraving and personalisation tips, read more in our guide here.

Looking for more guidance on mastering the art of layering? DM us on Instagram to chat with a member of our AC team. Or share your layering looks with us using the hashtag #ACStyle.