Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelets


Since the pandemic, our desire to celebrate friendships and exchange meaningful gifts are stronger than ever. 

Friendship bracelets represent our inimitable bonds with those we love the most and can be gifted at multiple stages during a friendship. From birthdays, baby showers and big news to simply sending remote hugs.

Our favourite celebration? International Friendship Day. Why do we love it? It's a reminder to share the love with your nearest and dearest, and nothing quite says "bestie" than gifting matching jewellery. 


Good question. Friendship bracelets have been exchanged across many cultures for decades to symbolise a meaningful relationship between two people. Traditionally handmade using a form of knotting called macrame, the love and effort required to craft these bracelets was acknowledged in receipt of the gift and if the bracelet was ever removed purposefully (rather than wearing off naturally), it would signify the end of the friendship. Whilst we’ve probably moved on from our school days of braiding colour cords together in creation of the ultimate friendship bracelet, we still hold the same strength of sentiment for our closest friends.

Friendship Bracelets being wornFriendship Bracelets being worn


There's no better time to gift than on World Friendship Day (30th July). Upgrade those homemade childhood bracelets to an AC design that’s as long-lasting as your friendship. From all-metal styles in either yellow gold, rose gold or silver to beaded bracelets with symbolic charms, there's a friendship bracelet for everyone. Some are bursting with bright gemstones, some are sparkling with diamonds, some are delicately dainty, and some are made for stacking. You know what they like, that's why they're your bestie. Long-distance friendship? No worries. We offer free global delivery and we gift wrap beautifully too. 


Turn on the charm, and have your gift wrapped in our signature (and sustainable) packaging. 

Presentation is a critical part of gifting, but it shouldn't cost the earth. Our packaging is all FSC-certified making it 100% recyclable. We also avoid the use of plastic wrappers on our UK deliveries, which are all carbon neutral, and our exquisite gift wrap paper is actually 100% Japanese Kozo paper. Not to mention, it looks beautiful.

And if you were thinking of buying a gift card, these are now 100% biodegradable (thanks to Ecologi technology).

astley clarke wrapping paper and ribbonastley clarke wrapping paper and ribbon


Take gifting to another level. Engrave your friend's initials or mark a special moment with a date or birthday. Why would you say it, when you can engrave it? For our bracelets with lockets, add a personalised photo or two. 

Whichever you decide, the personsalisation is on us! Learn more here.

Looking for more gifting advice? DM us on Instagram to chat with a member of our AC team.