How to Style: Mixed Metal Jewellery

How to Style: Mixed Metal Jewellery

Mixing and matching different coloured metals is nothing new but if you struggle to know how best to style your gold and silver jewellery together you’re not alone.

This season take inspiration from the AW17 catwalks of JW Anderson and Paco Rabanne where daring clothing combinations of mixed metallic tones took centre stage. Emulate the same confidence with your jewellery box staples as we explore new and creative ways to wear mixed metal tones that are fun yet refined.

Model wearing metallic JW Anderson pieces at a Fashion Show for the Autumn/Winter 2017 collection

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Model wearing a mixed metal oval hoop earring from Astley Clarke | The Astley Clarke Blog

Combine different metal colours for dynamic and edgy styling or achieve a more polished look with tri-coloured jewellery for a full colour palette that is eye-catching and graceful.

Model wearing the Mini Biography Locket Necklace in Yellow Gold Vermeil with Silver rings | The Astley Clarke Blog
Model wearing Astley Clarke stackable rings in Silver and Rose Gold | The Astley Clarke Blog

Mix and Match Metal Colours


Create balance and contrast by mixing warm and cool tones. A plain white top is an ideal canvas on which to present bold and beautiful colour.

Combine a gold pendant such as the timeless 18 carat gold plated locket from our Biography collection with the milky textures of the Moonstone Hedda Ring in silver. The Halo Eternity Rings add monochrome flashes of diamonds set within 14 carat white gold and black rhodium plated silver to give a complementary finish.

Alternatively, wear a single coloured ring stack on one hand and mirror this with a different colour stack on the other to create an image of effortless symmetry.

Model wearing mixed metal necklace stacks from Astley Clarke | The Astley Clarke Blog
Model wearing mixed metal bracelet stack from Astlet Clarke | The Astley Clarke Blog

Tri-Coloured Jewellery


Mixed metals in a single piece are the perfect solution for an eclectic mix of colour. Try inspired jewellery pieces from our new Piet range for a sophisticated colour statement.

Influenced by artist Piet Mondrian who pioneered block colour techniques in the 20th century, this range of chain and tubular pieces builds upon our Stilla collection with modern lines, stackable silhouettes and mixed metals.

The Tri-Piet Oval Hoop Earrings are made up of three colours combined. Two, three and four colourway bands in yellow gold, rose gold, silver and black ruthenium, create the perfect basis for a colourful ring stack or layered necklaces.

Model wearing the Hamsa Fine Biography Bracelet in Yellow Gold styled with gold and silver ring stacks | The Astley Clarke Blog
Model wearing mixed metal rings and pendants | The Astley Clarke Blog

Of course, there are no rules! So bring out your creativity and curate your own look by interweaving minimalist pieces for kaleidoscopic arrangement.

Gold jewellery adorned with white gemstone accents perfectly complements the icy tones of silver pieces. Darker tones of black ruthenium plated silver chain bracelets and necklaces harmonise with warmer blush accents of rose gold vermeil. Alternatively, select a tone from the all-in-one Tri-Piet Ring and style it out across the hand. Pair with the Spiga Stilla Ring and Varro Honeycomb Ring in rose gold for a dynamic sideways stack. Feeling Inspired? Explore Piet, the new additions to the Stilla collection and build your own mixed metal look.