Behind the collection | Luna

Behind the collection | Luna
We sat down with Astley Clarke’s Product Development Manager, Sarah, to talk about the new Luna collection and her inspiration when designing the new pieces…

1. Tell us about the new Luna collection, and what inspired the design?

“We draw inspiration from the celestial world for many of our collections and our North Star north star motif is synonymous with the brand. Our new Luna collection acts as a celestial inspired update to our best-selling Stilla collection that we’ve had for some time. We wanted to celebrate the beauty of our rose-cut gemstones by giving them a lunar highlight. There is real breath across the collection in terms of styles and looks, lots of layering pieces of jewellery as well as more statement styles - ideal for day to night dressing.” 

2. We love all the details from the crescent moons to the rose-cut gemstones you mentioned. How are the pieces best layered?

“We love the thought of layering the station necklaces with more statement gemstone pendants for example, and the huggie earrings and studs create a great stack. However you could easily add the drop earrings to dress up a t-shirt and jeans look, or add the signet ring for more of a statement.” 

3. Why did you choose the three gemstones that feature in the collection?

“We wanted the stones to speak to the time of year as well as complimenting the lunar motifs. They are the perfect colourways to see you through the party season and beyond. All of our gemstones have meanings which make them feel extra special.” 

4. Is there anything in the collection which is new to AC?

“In the Luna Crescent Pendants we have introduced an almost molten hammered texture to mimic the surface of the moon, this is a move on from our typical perfectly polished finish but still feels quintessentially AC.”

5. Does Luna make a good gift for someone?

“Absolutely. I'll be gifting the Black Onyx Drop Earrings to my sister this Christmas.” 

6. What’s the one thing you’ll be getting yourself from this collection, and why?

“I have my eye on the Luna Crescent Station Necklace and the Crescent Drop Huggies since the design phase. I wore the earring samples before launch, and got so many compliments - excited to see how our customers react to the collection, too!”

Meet the Gemstones

Moonstone for calm and gentle energy

Moonstone is the ultimate glow enhancer, thanks to its alluring shimmer. It’s a stone that has always charmed with its opal reflects, irresistible iridescence and pearlescent touch of magic that promotes femininity, creativity, and intuitive thoughts. That’s why wearing moonstone looks and feels so good.

Labradorite for strength and transformation

The full spectrum of colour dancing inside this fabulous gemstone, reminds us that labradorite was once thought to have the Northern Lights trapped inside it.

Amazonite for luck

Thought to calm one's emotions and nerves, and empower the wearer with courage and the ability to express themselves, it can enhance ones creativity and communications concerning love.

Lapis for wisdom and enlightenment

Made up of several different minerals, examples vary from greenish-blue to purple blue, but it is the intensely dark blue with patches of white calcite and flickering pyrite that are deemed the best quality.

Green Chalcedony for courage and insight

With its enchanting hue reminiscent of lush forests and serene meadows, Green Chalcedony possesses a captivating beauty that has intrigued gemstone enthusiasts for centuries. 

Black Onyx for strength and grounding

​​Onyx gemstones were believed to bring protection when facing adversaries and conflicts of any kind. This bold and brilliant stone has a powerful black appearance that brings a statement to any jewellery box.