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Cancer Jewellery

June 21st - July 22nd

Conscientious, family-orientated and often sensitive, Cancerians have an instinctively caring nature that brings selflessness and devotion to any relationship. A thoughtfully personalised gift is perfect for a Cancer as these individuals have great appreciation for sentimentality. Shop the perfect gift that reflects the traits of a Cancer, including engravable zodiac pendants and birthstone jewellery. Learn more about the qualities of Cancer in our Zodiac Sign Guide.

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  • The Perfect Gift
    Featuring a modern interpretation of the Crab symbol, these zodiac pendants are part of the Biography collection and promote jewellery with personality and meaning. These silver, 18 carat yellow gold-plated sterling silver or 18 carat rose gold plated silver necklaces make ideal gifts and can be further customised with engraving on the back of their discs.
  • Yellow Gold (Vermeil)
  • Zodiac Stone
    Zodiacs are traditionally believed to have similar characteristics to precious stones. Gift your closest Cancer with a piece of emerald jewellery to tell them they shine like this dazzling green stone. Emeralds also symbolise faith and immortality so we like to think that the impact of this gesture will last a lifetime and beyond.
  • Yellow Gold (Solid)
  • Yellow Gold (Solid)
  • Ruling Planet
    The Moon
    Pay attention to the relationships and movements between the planets as the way they interact with one another has an influence on certain zodiac signs.

    The Moon is the ruling entity of Cancer. Discover jewellery from the Biography collection that showcases moon symbols in 18 carat yellow gold plated silver, 18 carat rose gold-plated sterling silver and silver.
  • Rose Gold (Vermeil)
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